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April 02, 2007



I'm leaving a comment...can I have some candy?!??!

--Pastor Adam

Bridgette Mehlig

Hi !
I REALLY love the faith kids website it's AWESOME ! ! !
Love, Bridgette Mehlig

Noah Mehlig

Hi !
This Noah Mehlig. I like the faith kids site. I like how you have new things each week. Your Friend, Noah

Allyson Hooper

I saw the contest in your blog. Even though I don't go to the church, I wanted to try to enter the contest. P.S. I am Noah and Bridgette Mehlig's cousin.

Kayla C.

I really like your blog. Remember, Keep Moving Forward!

Brittany and Billy Rundle

hope this goes through it's our second time we answered this blog.
Brittany and Billy Rundle


I really love the faith kids blog. Pastor Adam & Courtney put a lot of hard work into it. Thank you guys ! We love you.

Cynthia Shubert

I hope I'm not too late. This was the latest blog I could find. ~Cynthia

samantha gaviria

i love the faith kids website it is awesome!!!!
*samantha gaviria*

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